If you wish to proceed with ordering PPE supplies from Supplier please proceed as follows:


  1. Either email info@mednutrahealth.com or request from person providing you with our contact information or with our confidential documents to conference with an authorized MedNutra Medical™ account representative to discuss the specifics of your PPE purchase request.

  2. Please provide a department / company profile and/or website.

  3. Provide a summary of your product purchase needs including; requested PPE including mask model, volumes per week, month, year etc., timing of your order  and reflect the volumes of any China manufactured PPE products your state department / company wish to purchase.

  4. Upon review of your request we will provide a sample “Letter of   Interest” text to be issued on your state department / company letterhead, signed, and returned to start the formal purchase process. Upon receipt of the executed “Letter of Interest” your case will formally be reviewed.

  5. If requested, a conference will be held by your authorized purchasing signatory and a principal officer of the Supplier.

  6. Upon agreement of the final terms, a formal “Supply Contract” will be issued for your state department / company review and approval.

  7. Upon execution and return of the “Supply Contract”, Supplier will issue a formal “Commercial Invoice” with the order terms therein for Buyer’s formal approval.

  8. Upon receipt of the Buyer’s executed “Commercial Invoice” by MedNutra Medical™, the transaction will begin.


Please Note:


Supplier’s confidential company documents are available to qualified Buyers.


  • Supplier’s company Hong Kong SAR Registration.

  • Supplier’s valid Hong Kong SAR “Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance Wholesale Dealer” License.

  • Supplier’s valid Hong Kong SAR “Antibiotics Ordinance Permit”.

  • Sample list of packing documents included with each order shipment.




We wish to share critical time sensitive PPE expertise. 


If your state department / company is seriously considering to purchase PPE, please be advised that the global demand is now massive and increasing daily.  Please contact MedNutra Medical™ to secure your allocation of PPE as soon as possible.

All of the personal protection equipment and other health related products offered by Supplier are manufactured in China under strict government supervision and newest, stringent Customs export requirements.


MedNutra Medical™ is the official, exclusively authorized global marketing and

logistics representatives for our valued PPE Supplier based in Hong Kong SAR.

Thank you sincerely for investing valued time to seriously consider 3(+)  decades of Asian expertise offered by the MedNutra Medical™ global professionals and our proven Hong Kong SAR Supplier.